I define my self as having two passions business and technology, this is reflected early in my academic life. I majored in Economic Science and Computer Science for my bachelors degree, furthering this by an honours in Business Information Systems. Later a masters in advanced computing. As a young software engineer I entered the market place when the internet was making an appearance on the South African landscape, thus I experienced a radical paradigm shift in Software development. I was exposed to unique technology experiences like working on the Ananzi search engine, at the time this was a very specialized field. This led me to even more specialized areas of the internet, like online-trading which relied on technologies such as Corba and Java in its earliest of forms. The ground breaking work in the field of the internet allowed me to head up a team at an Internet Service Provider, which exposed me to all parts of the internet environment ranging from managing domain nameservers; mail servers; and huge web servers. I realized the opportunity in the internet space, and developed together with a team of amazing individuals a sports betting platform. I headed up the venture and concluded it by selling the product to a venture capitalist realizing true value for the team members. At the time I saw the need for starting an IT company that could provision solutions for large enterprises, some of these solutions remain in operation to this day. From humble beginnings of being a programmer to managing teams of developers delivering enterprise solution, I decided that I needed new challenges and returned to the academic world. After completing my masters at King's College in London, I went on to work as a researcher at INRIA in France. 

I think the next big wave is the number of devices that we would engage on a daily basis; in order to take advantage of the computing power in ordinary activities. So that ultimately we operate smartly and effectively, with the hope that we would have more time to enjoy life. 

To summarize my interests are as follows:

  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Language Engineering (DSL)
  • Embedded Systems
  • Compiler Theory
  • Linux Kernel Development
  • Variability Modeling
  • Software Defined Radios
  • ​BigData

TEChnology architect

Suresh Pillay